Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics, 2nd Edition

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New to this edition
  • Retains the same easy to follow format as the first edition
  • Presents detailed comparisons and discussions of commonly used Chinese herbs
  • Provides a series of thought-provoking questions with very detailed answers
  • Structured to help the reader to learn and memorize the content more easily
  • The easy-to-use question-andanswer format is convenient to apply in the consulting room
  • Includes discussion of clinical applications to help with the practical use of the information in clinical setting
  • Revised and updated with particular emphasis on the safe use of Chinese herbal medicines
  • New appendices provide information on safe dosages, commonly used herbal

combinations and the meanings of Chinese words used in herbal names

  • Provides a sound foundation for the study and practice of Chinese herbal medicine.

Author Information
By Yifan Yang, MD, MSc, Private Practitioner and Lecturer, The Netherlands; Former Lecturer in Medicine, Beijing University of TCM, Beijing, China