Waterbirth Unplugged, International Perspectives of Waterbirth, 2nd Edition

Waterbirth Unplugged

2nd Edition International Perspectives of Waterbirth

By Beverley Lawrence Beech, Chair of the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

Introduction; Opening address by Baroness Cumberlege;
Why a water birth: Birth in the 21st Century ? Where are we going?, Why do women want a birth pool?, Are we marine chimps?; The physiology of water birth: Water birth ? a possible mode of delivery?, Birth under water ? to breathe or not to breath?; Water birth and the family: Parents' rights when choosing to use a birth pool, Water births in a rural community; Technology and childbirth: Is obstetrics good for your health?, Assessing the effect of a new health technology; Water birth and the midwife: Water birth and the role of the midwife, Water and pain relief ? observations of over 570 water births at Hillingdon, The role of the midwifery supervisor; Water birth and the obstetrician: A thousand water births ? selection criteria and outcome, Water birth in Vienna ? facts, thoughts and philosophy of the Geburtshaus, Water birth in a private medical hospital in France, The use of warm water immersion in labour at the Family Birthing Centre of Upland (California), Labour and birth in water ? An Obstetrician's observations over a decade; Water birth internationally: Water birth in Australia, Water birth in Italy, Water birth in Denmark; Water birth - The way forward: Evaluating immersion in water ? issues to be considered regarding a randomised controlled trial, Water birth ? the safety issues, Surviving the onslaught of the uninformed; Water Birth Practice Questionnaire.