Health and Health Care Delivery in Canada

Health and Health Care Delivery in Canada

By Valerie D. Thompson, RN, PHC, NP , Conestoga Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Chapter 1 Health and the Individual
Chapter 2 Population Health: Introduction and Principles
Chapter 3 The History of Health Care in Canada
Chapter 4 The Federal Government?s Role in Health Care
Chapter 5 Provincial and Territorial Governments
Chapter 6 The Dollars and "Sense" of Health Care Funding
Chapter 7 Practitioners and Practice Settings
Chapter 8 The Law and Health Care
Chapter 9 Ethics and Health Care
Chapter 10 Current Issues and Future Trends in Health Care in Canada


Appendix: Declaration of Alma-Ata: International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR, 6-12 September 1978