Mini Dental Implants, Principles and Practice

Mini Dental Implants

Principles and Practice

By Victor Dr. Sendax

Foreward by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen

Chapter 1
Sendax Hybrid Mini Dental Implant Applications: Combining Natural Tooth Abutments with Conventional and Mini Dental Implants
Victor I. Sendax

Chapter 2
The Basic Insertion and Reconstructive Protocol Guidelines: Step by Step   
Victor I. Sendax

Chapter 3
MDI  Background
Burton E. Balkin 

Chapter 4
MDI Biomedical-Engineering Analyses

Biomechanical Perspectives Relevant To The Use Of Mini-Implants
John B. Brunski

Biomaterial and Bioengineering Considerations in Conventional Implant and Mini Implant Design
Jack E. Lemons

Chapter 5
The General Practitioner?s Pivotal Role in Coordinating MDI Therapeutics

The General Practitioner?s Pivotal Role in Coordinating MDI Therapeutics
Bruce J. Lish

Everyday Problem-Solving with Mini Dental Implants: A Private Practitioner?s General Practice Retrospective
Leonard R Machi

Chapter 6
MDI Solutions for the Medically Compromised Patient
Harold I. Sussman, Arthur R. Volker

Chapter 7
An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon?s Role in Advanced MDI Therapeutics: Engineering Assisted Surgery?, MDIs in Functional Reconstructive Surgery Within Great Britain and New Zealand Venues
Ninian Spenceley Peckitt

Chapter 8
The Maxillofacial Prosthodontist?s Role in Post-Cancer Rehabilitation Utilizing Mini Implants (MDIs)
George C. Bohle III, Gregory C. Bohle

Chapter 9
The Orthodontist?s Role in MDI Therapeutics: ORTHO Transitional Anchorage Devices (TADs) and Related Applications
Frans Currier, Onur Kadioglu

Chapter 10
The Laboratory Technician?s Key Role in MDI Implant Prosthodontics
Andrew Jaksen, John Kirdahy, Murray Scheiner, and Leonard Marotta

Chapter 11
Concluding Post-Script Analysis 

Positive patient psychology in relation to Mini Dental Implant therapy
Stephen M. Taubenfeld

MDIs; Role in the Contemporary Imaging Evolution: A Current Assessment 
Victor I. Sendax

Chapter 12
The Best of MDI Q & A 
Victor I. Sendax

Summation & Future Horizons: The MDI Latter-Day Equation 
Victor I. Sendax


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