LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card), 7th Edition

LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card)

7th Edition

By Elaine A. Gillingham, AAS, BA, CHUC, Program Director (Retired), Health Unit Coordinator Program, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ

Section 1. Orientation to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Health Care

1. Health Unit Coordinating: An Allied Health Career

2. Overview of Health Care Today

3. The Nursing Department

4. Communication Devices and Their Uses

Section 2. Personal and Professional Skills

5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

6. Workplace Behavior: Ethics and Legal Concepts

7. Management Techniques and Problem-Solving Skills for Health Unit Coordinating

Section 3. The Patient?s Chart or Electronic Record and Transcription and Monitoring of Doctors? Orders

8. The Patient?s Chart or Electronic Medical Record

9. Transcription of Doctors? Handwritten Orders

10. Patient Activity, Patient Positioning, and Nursing Observation Orders

11. Nursing Intervention or Treatment Orders

12. Nutritional Care Orders

13. Medication Orders

14. Laboratory Orders and Recording Telephoned Laboratory Results

15. Diagnostic Imaging Orders

16. Other Diagnostic Studies

17. Treatment Orders

18. Miscellaneous Orders

Section 4. Health Unit Coordinator Procedures

19. Admission, Preoperative, and Postoperative Procedures

20. Discharge, Transfer, and Postmortem Procedures

21. Recording Vital Signs, Ordering Supplies, Daily Diagnostic Tests, and Filing

22. Reports, Infection Control, Emergencies, and Special Services

Section 5. Introduction to Anatomic Structures, Medical Terms, and Illnesses

23. Medical Terminology, Basic Human Structure, and Disorders


A. Abbreviations

B. Word Parts

Answers to Review Questions