Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 5th Edition

Leadership and Nursing Care Management

5th Edition

By Diane Huber, PhD, RN, FAAN, NEA-BC, Professor, College of Nursing and College of Public Health, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Part I: Leadership

  1. Leadership Principles
  2. Management Principles
  3. Change and Innovation
  4. Organizational Climate and Culture
  5. Part II: Professionalism

  6. Critical Thinking and Decision Making Skills
  7. Managing Time and Stress
  8. Legal and Ethical Issues
  9. Part III: Communication and Relationship Building

  10. Communication, Persuasion and Negotiation
  11. Motivation
  12. Team Building and Working with Effective Groups
  13. Delegation
  14. Power and Conflict
  15. Workplace Diversity
  16. Part IV: Knowledge of the Health Care Environment

  17. The Health Care System
  18. Health Policy, Health, and Nursing
  19. Evidence-Based Practice: Strategies for Nursing Leaders
  20. Mission Statements, Policies and Procedures
  21. Organizational Structure
  22. Decentralization and Shared Governance
  23. Models of Care Delivery
  24. Case Management
  25. Population Health Management
  26. Patient Acuity NEW!
  27. Quality Improvement and Health Care Safety
  28. Measuring and Managing Outcomes
  29. Part V: Business Skills

  30. Confronting the Nursing Shortage
  31. Staff Recruitment and Retention
  32. Staffing and Scheduling
  33. Collective Bargaining
  34. Financial Management
  35. Budgeting
  36. Productivity and Costing Out Nursing
  37. Performance Appraisal
  38. Prevention of Workplace Violence
  39. All Hazards Disaster Preparedness
  40. Data Management and Informatics
  41. Strategic Management Marketing