Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 7th Edition

Quick & Easy Medical Terminology

7th Edition

By Peggy C. Leonard, BA, MT, MEd, Chesterfield, MO

Part One: The Basics

  1. Simplified Medical Language
  2. Suffixes and Combining Forms Made Easy
  3. Essential Prefixes and More
  4. Diagnostic Procedures and Therapeutic Interventions
  5. The Body as a Whole
  6. Part Two: Body Systems- Musculoskeletal System

  7. Circulatory System
  8. Respiratory System
  9. Digestive System
  10. Urinary System
  11.  Reproductive System
  12. Integumentary System
  13. Nervous System and Psychologic Disorders
  14. Special Senses NEW!
  15.  Endocrine System

Part 3: Appendixes

I. Medical Abbreviations

A. Chapter Abbreviations

B. Writing Medical Abbreviations

II. Word Parts

A. Meanings of Word Parts

B. English Terms and Corresponding Word Parts

III. Answers to Exercises