Lavin's Radiography for Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition

Lavin's Radiography for Veterinary Technicians

5th Edition

By Marg Brown, RVT, BEd Ad Ed, Penn Foster College, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Active Member, Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and Association of Veterinary Technician Educators and Lois Brown, RTR, (Cdn/USA), ACR, MSc, Member Canadian Association of Physicists, President, Xray Imaging Consultants Ltd., Tottenham, Ontario

Part 1: Diagnostic Imaging

Section 1: The Technical Side of Imaging

1. Basic Concepts

2. The Atom and Radioactivity

3. Electrostatics and Energy, Magnetism and Electricity

4. Diagnostic X-ray Production


Section 2:  The Application of X-rays and the Presentation of the Image

5. Imaging on Film

6. Producing the Image

7. Processing the Image

8. Optimizing the Image

9. Computerized and Digital Imaging


Section 3: X-Ray Imaging 

10. Dental Imaging

11. Computerized Tomography

12. Fluoroscopy


Section 4: Non X-Ray Imaging

13. Ultrasound

14. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

15. Nuclear Medicine


Section 5:  Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

16. How X-rays Affect Cells; Radiation Protection 


Part 2: Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy

17.  Overview of Positioning

18.  Small Animal Abdomen

19.  Small Animal Thorax

20.  Small Animal Forelimb

21.  Small Animal Pelvis and Pelvic Limb

22.  Small Animal Spine

23.  Small Animal Skull 

24.  Dental Radiography

25.  Special Procedures

26.  Large Animal Radiography

27.  Avian and Exotic Radiography