Medical Insurance Online for Health Insurance Today (Access Code), 4th Edition

Medical Insurance Online for Health Insurance Today (Access Code)

4th Edition

By Janet I. Beik, AA, BA, MEd, Southeastern Community College (retired), Administrative Instructor, Medical Assistant Program, West Burlington, IA, USA


  1. The Origins of Health Insurance
  2. Tools of the Trade: A Career as a Health (Medical) Insurance Professional
  3. The Legal and Ethical Side of Medical Insurance
  4. Types and Sources of Health Insurance
  5. Claim Submission Methods
  6. Traditional Fee-for-Service/Private Plans
  7. Unraveling the Mysteries of Managed Care
  8. Understanding Medicaid
  9. Conquering Medicare?s Challenges
  10. Military Carriers
  11. Miscellaneous Carriers: Workers? Compensation and Disability Insurance
  12. Diagnostic Coding
  13. Procedural, E&M, and HCPCS Coding
  14. The Patient
  15. The Claim
  16. The Role of Computers in Health Insurance
  17. Reimbursement Procedures: Getting Paid
  18. Hospital Billing and the UB-04