Workbook for Health Insurance Today, A Practical Approach, 4th Edition

Workbook for Health Insurance Today

4th Edition A Practical Approach

By Janet I. Beik, AA, BA, MEd, Southeastern Community College (retired), Administrative Instructor, Medical Assistant Program, West Burlington, IA, USA

Unit 1: Building a Foundation

1. The Origins of Health Insurance

2. Tools of the Trade: A Career as a Health (Medical) Insurance Professional

3. The Legal and Ethical Side of Medical Insurance

4. Types and Sources of Health Insurance

Unit 2: Health Insurance Basics

5. Claim Submission Methods

6. Traditional Fee-For-Service/Private Plans

7. Unraveling the Mysteries of Managed Care

8. Understanding Medicaid

9. Conquering Medicare's Challenges

10. Military Carriers

11. Miscellaneous Carriers: Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance

Unit 3: Cracking the Codes

12. Diagnostic Coding

13. Procedural, Evaluation & Management and HCPCS Coding

Unit 4: The Claims Process

14. The Patient

15. The Claim

Unit 5: Advanced Application

16. The Role of Computers in Health Insurance

17. Reimbursement Procedures: Getting Paid

18. Hospital Claim Form: The UB-04