Hematopathology, A Volume in the Series: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology, 2nd Edition


2nd Edition A Volume in the Series: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology

By Eric D. Hsi, MD, Head, Section of Hematopathology, Department of Clinical Pathology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Section 1
Non-Neoplastic Disorders 1

Chapter 1
Red Blood Cell/Hemoglobin Disorders

Chapter 2
Platelet Disorders

Chapter 3
Non-Neoplastic Morphologic Abnormalities of White Blood Cells and Macrophages

Chapter 4
Reactive Lymph Nodes and Castleman Disease

Chapter 5
Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

Chapter 6
Benign Causes of Bone Marrow Abnormalities Including Infections, Storage Diseases, Systemic Disorders, and Stromal Changes

Section 2

Chapter 7
Small B-Cell Lymphomas

Chapter 8
Diffuse Aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas

Chapter 9
Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas

Chapter 10
Immunodeficiency-Related Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Chapter 11
Hodgkin Lymphoma

Section 3
Leukemias, Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, and Myelodysplasia

Chapter 12
B-Cell Leukemias of Mature Lymphocytes

Chapter 13
Mature T-Cell and Natural Killer Cell Leukemias

Chapter 14
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Chapter 15
Precursor Lymphoid Neoplasms

Chapter 16
Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia and Mixed-Phenotype Acute Leukemias

Chapter 17
Myeloproliferative and ?Overlap? Myelodysplastic/Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Chapter 18
Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Section 4
Disorders of Histiocytes, Mast Cells, Plasma Cells, Spleen, and Ancillary Techniques

Chapter 19
Disorders of Histiocytes

Chapter 20
Mastocytosis 5

Chapter 21
Plasma Cell Neoplasms and Related Disorders

Chapter 22
Disorders of the Spleen

Chapter 23
Flow Cytometric Principles in Hematopathology

Chapter 24
Molecular Diagnosis in Hematopathology