Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists, Screening for Referral, 5th Edition

Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists

5th Edition Screening for Referral

By Catherine C. Goodman, MBA, PT, CBP, Medical Multimedia Group, Faculty Affiliate, University of Montana, Missoula, MT and Teresa Kelly Snyder, MN, RN, OCN, CS, Clinical Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing, Associate Professor of Nursing, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Section One: Introduction to the Screening Process

1. Introduction to Screening for Referral in Physical Therapy

2. Interviewing As a Screening Tool

3. Pain Types and Viscerogenic Pain Patterns

4. Physical Assessment as a Screening Tool

Section Two: Viscerogenic Causes of Neuromusculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction

5. Screening for Hematologic Disease

6. Screening for Cardiovascular Disease

7. Screening for Pulmonary Disease

8. Screening for Gastrointestinal Disease

9. Screening for Hepatic and Biliary Disease

10. Screening for Urogenital Disease

11. Screening for Endocrine and Metabolic Disease

12. Screening for Immunologic Disease

13. Screening for Cancer

Section Three: Systemic Origins of Neuromusculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction

14. Screening in the Head, Neck, and Back

15. Screening in the Sacrum, Sacroiliac, and Pelvis

16. Screening in the Lower Quadrant: Buttock, Hip, Thigh, Groin, and Leg

17. Screening in the Chest, Breast, and Ribs

18. Screening in the Shoulder and Upper Extremity


A. Screening Summary

B. Special Questions to Ask

C. Special Forms to Use

D. Special Tests to Perform