Illustrated Anatomy of the Head and Neck, 4th Edition

Illustrated Anatomy of the Head and Neck

4th Edition

By Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Dental Hygiene Educational Consultant and Dental Science Technical Writer, Seattle, WA and Susan W. Herring, PhD, Professor, Department of Oral Biology, School of Dentistry, Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

1. Introduction to Head and Neck Anatomy

2. Surface Anatomy

3. Skeletal System

4. Muscular System

5. Temporomandibular Joint

6. Vascular System

7. Glandular Tissue

8. Nervous System

9. Anatomy of Local Anesthesia

10. Lymphatic System

11. Fascia and Spaces

12. Spread of Dental Infection

Appendix A: Procedures for the Performance of Extraoral and Intraoral Examinations


Glossary of Key Terms and Anatomical Structures