Practice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills with Medisoft Version 16 and Practice Partner V 9.3.2, 3rd Edition

Practice Kit for Medical Front Office Skills with Medisoft Version 16 and Practice Partner V 9.3.2

3rd Edition

By Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, Former Program Director, Medical Secretarial Programs, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks, MN

Pre-Task 1.1 Routine Maintenance

Medisoft Software Instructions
Part 1 Matrixing the Calendar/Blocking Time
Part 2 Scheduling Patient Visits
Part 3 Editing/Deleting Breaks or Appointments
Part 4 Appointment List
Part 5 Patient Demographic Entry
Part 6 Printing Patient Face Sheets

Day One
Task 1.1 Risk Management
Task 1.2 Preparing the Schedules
Task 1.3 Scheduling Telephone Appointments and Inpatient Consultations
Task 1.4 Written Communications
Task 1.5 Records Management and Patient List

Day Two
Task 2.1 Patient List
Task 2.2 Patient Reception
Task 2.3 Scheduling Appointments
Task 2.4 Medical Transcription
Task 2.5 Scheduling Emergency or Urgent Appointments

Day Three
Task 3.1 Patient Reception and Referral
Task 3.2 Medical Transcription
Task 3.3 Insurance Claim Form
Task 3.4 Written Communications
Task 3.5 Preparing the Superbill

Day Four
Task 4.1 Telephone Messages and Appointment Schedule
Task 4.2 Correspondence and Mail
Task 4.3 Scheduling Appointments
Task 4.4 Records Management

Day Five
Task 5.1 Medical Transcription
Task 5.2 Posting Charges to a Superbill
Task 5.3 Billing and Banking Procedures
Task 5.4 Petty Cash and Checking

Day Six
Task 6.1 Internet Research
Task 6.2 Establishing a Meeting
Task 6.3 Telephone Messages
Task 6.4 Scheduling Appointments

Day Seven
Task 7.1 Insurance Claim Forms
Task 7.2 Patient Reception
Task 7.3 Scheduling Nursing Home Services
Task 7.4 Telephone Messages
Task 7.5 Scheduling Appointments
Task 7.6 Scheduling Surgeries
Task 7.7 Medical Records

Day Eight
Task 8.1 Arranging for Physician Travel
Task 8.2 Inventory Management
Task 8.3 Telephone Messages
Task 8.4 Medical Transcription

Day Nine
Task 9.1 Software Installation
Task 9.2 Dashboard Functions
Task 9.3 Patient Registration Record
Task 9.4 Health History Form

Day Ten
Task 10.1 Obtaining Information from the EHR
Task 10.2 Other Dashboard Features
Task 10.3 Identifying EHR Features
Task 10.4 Additional EHR Features

1. Welcome

2. Policies and Procedures

3. Third-Party Payer List and Directions

4. Forms Library

5. Other Physician, Business, Third-Party Payer Directory