Mosby's Pharmacy Technician, Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

Mosby's Pharmacy Technician

3rd Edition Principles and Practice

By Teresa Hopper, BS, CPhT, Instructor of Pharmacy Technology, Boston Reed College, Napa, CA

Section One: General Pharmacy

  1. History of Medicine and Pharmacy
  2. Laws and Ethics of Pharmacy
  3. Pharmacy Associations, certification, and Settings for Technicians/Competency, Communication, and Ethics
  4. Conversions and Calculations Used by Pharmacy Technicians and Math Review
  5. Dosage Forms, Abbreviations, and Routes of Administration
  6. Referencing
  7. Prescription Processing
  8. Over the Counter Medication and Skin Anatomy
  9. Complementary Alternative Medications
  10. Hospital Pharmacy
  11. Repackaging and Compounding
  12. Aseptic Technique
  13. Pharmacy Stock and Billing
  14. Medication Safety and Error Prevention
  15. Section Two: Body Systems

  16. Endocrine System
  17. Nervous System
  18. Psychopharmacology
  19. Respiratory System
  20. Visual and Auditory Systems
  21. Gastrointestinal System
  22. Urinary System
  23. Cardiovascular System
  24. Reproductive System
  25. Section Three: Classifications of Drugs

  26. Anti-infectives
  27. Anti-inflammatories and Antihistamines
  28. Vitamins and Minerals
  29. Vaccines
  30. Oncology Agents
  31. Section Four: Basic Science for the Pharmacy Technician

  32. Microbiology
  33. Chemistry
  34. Section Five: Starting Your Career as a Pharmacy Technician

  35. Review for Pharmacy Technician Certification


  A.  Abbreviations

  B.  200 Top Selling Trade Names for Drugs

  C.  Top Herbal Remedies

  D.  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act if 1996 (HIPPA)

  E.  Proper Hand Care for Medical Asepsis in Pharmacy

Answer Key to Odd-Numbered Review Exercises