Front Office Management for the Veterinary Team

Front Office Management for the Veterinary Team

By Heather Prendergast, BS, AS, RVT, CVPM, Certified Practice Manager, Jornada Veterinary Clinic, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Part I: Veterinary Practice as a Business

1. Veterinary HealthCare Team Members

2. The Receptionist Team

3. Team Management

4. Veterinary Ethics and Legal Issues

5. Human Resources

6. Stress and Burnout

7. Practice Design

8. Technology in the Office

9. Outside Diagnostic Laboratory Services

11. Marketing

Part II: Communication Management

11. Client Communications

12. Interacting with a Grieving Client

Part III: Veterinary Practice Systems

13. Appointment Management Systems

14. Medical Records Management

15. Inventory Management

16. Controlled Substances

17. Logs

18. Accounts Receivable

19. Pet Health Insurance

20. Preparing and Maintaining a Budget

21. Occupational Hazards and Safety Issues

22. Security

Part IV: Clinical Assisting in the Veterinary Practice

23. Clinical Assisting

24. Calculations and Conversions

25. Professional Development