Primary Care for the Physical Therapist, Examination and Triage, 2nd Edition

Primary Care for the Physical Therapist

2nd Edition Examination and Triage

By William G. Boissonnault, PT, DPT DHSc, FAAOMPT, FAPTA, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Program in Physical Therapy, Madison, WI; Assistant Professor, University of St. Augustine Center of Health Sciences, St. Augustine, FL; Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Tennessee-Memphis College of Allied Health Sciences, Memphis, TN; Adjunct Faculty, Massachusetts General Hospital, Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA; Instructor, Krannert Graduate School of Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN


1. Primary Care: Physical Therapy Models

2. Evidence-Based Examination of Diagnostic Information

3. Cultural Competence: An Essential Element of Primary Health Care

4. Pharmacologic Considerations for the Physical Therapist

5 .The Patient Interview: The Science Behind the Art



6. Symptom Investigation Part I-Chief Complaint by Body Region

7. Symptom Investigation: Part II-Chief Complaint by Symptom

8. Patient Health History Including Identifying Health Risk Factors

9. Review of Systems

10. The Patient Interview: The Physical Examination Begins!

11. Systems Review for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems and Vital Signs

12. Upper Quadrant Screening Examination

13. Lower Quadrant Screening Examination

14. Diagnostic Imaging

15. Laboratory Tests and Values


16. The Adolescent Population

17. The Obstetric Client

18. The Geriatric Population

19. A Health and Wellness Perspective in Primary Care

20. Top 10 Medical Conditions to Screen For: The Do-Not-Want-to Miss List