Surgical Treatment of Hip Arthritis: Reconstruction, Replacement, and Revision, Expert Consult - Online and Print with DVD

Surgical Treatment of Hip Arthritis: Reconstruction, Replacement, and Revision

Expert Consult - Online and Print with DVD

By William J. Hozack, MD, Assistant Professor, Joint Reconstruction Service, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, University of Miami, School of Medicine, Miami, FL


1 Evaluation Of Hip Pain In Adults
Gregg R. Klein, Peter F. Sharkey

2 Radiological Evaluation Of Hip Arthroplasty
William Morrison

3 Cross Sectional Imaging Of The Hip
Adam C. Zoga, W. James Malone

4 Assessing Clinical Results/ Outcome Measures
G. Rebecca Aspinall, Michael J. Dunbar


5 Arthroscopy Of The Hip
Joseph C. McCarthy, Jo-Ann Lee

6 Femoroacetabular Osteoplasty
Rafael J. Sierra, Michael Leunig, Reinhold Ganz

7 Femoral Osteotomy
Moritz Tannast, Klaus A. Siebenrock

8 Periacetabular Osteotomy
Marc Teloken, Javad Parvizi


9 Indications For Primary THR
Michael E. Berend

10 Preoperative Planning For Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
J. De Beer

11 Surgical Approach / Direct Anterior
Michael Nogler

12 The Anterolateral Minimal / Limited Incision Intermuscular Approach For Total Hip Arthroplasty
Donald S. Garbuz, Gurdeep S. Biring, Clive P. Duncan

13 The Direct Lateral Approach For Total Hip Arthroplasty
Ormonde M. Mahoney, Tracy L. Kinsey

14 Posterior And Posteroinferior Approaches To The Hip
P.J. Lusty, W.L. Walter, D. Young

15 Dual Incision Approach For Total Hip Arthroplasty
Joseph P. Nessler

16 The Cemented All-Polyethylene Acetabular Component
Amar S. Ranawat, Chitranjan S. Ranawat

17 Operative Technique: Cemented Stem For Primary THR
Ashutosh, Acharya, Andrew John Timperley

18 Cementless Acetabular Fixation
Curtis W. Hartman, Kevin L. Garvin

19 Component Implantation: Cementless Tapered Stem
Matthew S. Austin

20 Tapered Cementless Stems: The Author?s Experience
William N. Capello

21 Fully Coated Cementless Femoral Stem In Total Hip Arthroplasty: Surgical Technique Bill K. Huang, James P. Mcauley

22 Component Implantation - Modular Cementless Stems
Kirby Hitt

23 Metal On Metal Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty
Michelle O'Neill, Paul E. Beaulé

24 Deformity
Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos, Javad Parvizi, Franklin H. Sim

25 Total Hip Arthroplasty In Patients With Metabolic Diseases
Michael Kain, Thomas A. Einhorn

26 Preoperative Rehabilitation
Camilo Restrepo, Brian Klatt

26 Preoperative Rehabilitation
William J. Hozack

27 Anesthesia For Hip Surgery
James W. Heitz, Eugene R. Viscusi

28 Pain Control
Aditya Vikram Maheshwari, William T. Long, Lawrence D. Dorr

29 Tha Rapid Recovery Program
Omar Abdul-Hadi, William J. Hozack


30 Evaluation Of The Painful Total Hip Arthroplasty
Eric J. Yue, Gavan P. Duffy

31 Indications For Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty
Slif D. Ulrich, Frank R. Kolisek, Ronald E. Delanois, Michael A. Mont

32 Pre-Operative Radiographic Evaluation And Classification Of Defects
Stephen R. Kearns, Steven J. Macdonald

33 Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: Preoperative Planning
John Manfredi, William J. Hozack

34 Revision Total Hip Replacement: Posterior Approach
Thomas Parker Vail

35 Surgical Approach / Direct Anterior Revision
Michael Nogler

36 Surgical Approach To The Hip - Direct Lateral
Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., Keith R. Berend

37 Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy Posterior Approach
Scott M. Sporer, Wayne G. Paprosky

38 Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy Anterior Approach
Raymond R. Ropiak, Matthew S. Austin

39 Component Removal Acetabulum
Kenneth A. Greene

40 Femoral Component Removal
B. Sonny Bal

41 Cement Extraction Techniques
Gurdeep S. Biring, Bassam A. Masri

42 Monolithic Extensively Porous Coated Femoral Revision
C. Anderson Engh, Jr.

43 Surgical Options For Femoral Reconstruction: The Use Of Modular Stems
Arthur L. Malkani, Madhusudhan R. Yakkanti

44 Surgical Options For Femoral Reconstruction-Impaction Grafting
R.G. Steele, G.A. Gie, A.J. Timperley

45 Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: Megaprosthesis Proximal Femoral Replacement and Total Femur Replacement
Javad Parvizi, Franklin H. Sim

46 Surgical Options For Femoral Reconstruction: Allograft - Prosthesis Composites Petros J. Boscainos, Catherine F. Kellett, Allan E. Gross

47 Jumbo Cups
Brian A. Klatt, Matthew S. Austin, William J. Hozack

48 Use Of A Modular Acetabular Reconstruction System
David G. Lewallen

49 Impaction Bone Grafting Of The Acetabulum
J.W.M. Gardeniers, B.W. Schreurs

50 Reconstruction Of Acetabular Bone Deficiencies Using The Anti-Protrusio Cage James Purtill, Khalid Azzam

51 Surgical Options For Acetabular Reconstruction: Custom Components
Ginger E. Holt, Douglas A. Dennis

52 Lesional Treatment Of Osteolysis
John C. Clohisy, R. Stephen J. Burnett

53 Venous Thromboembolic Disease Following Total Hip Arthroplasty
Frank A. Petrigliano, Jay R. Lieberman

54 Periprosthetic Infection
Mark J. Spangehl, Arlen D. Hanssen

55 Neurovascular Injury
Kevin L. Garvin

56 Management Of Post-Operative Hematomas
Fabio R. Orozco, Alvin Ong, Richard H. Rothman

58 Dislocation
Paul F. Lachiewicz

59 Treatment Of Leg Length Discrepancy After Total Hip Arthroplasty
Fabio R. Orozco, William J. Hozack


60 Computerized Hip Navigation
Simon Pickering, Bill Donnelly, Ross Crawford

61 Crosslinked Polyethylene
Steven Kurtz, Michael Manley

62 Bearing Surface: Metal-On-Metal
Paul E. Beaulé, Isabelle Catelas, John B. Medley

63 Ceramic On Ceramic Bearings In Total Hip Arthroplasty
Peter F. Sharkey

64 New Developments In Alternative Hip Bearing Surfaces
John Dumbleton, Michael Manley, Aiguo Wang, Eric Jones, Kate Sutton

65 Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty
Mark W. Pagnano, Mir Ali

66 Current Controversies: Robotics For THA
MA Hafez, B. Jaramaz, A.M. Digioia, III