Valvular Heart Disease: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease, Expert Consult - Online and Print, 3rd Edition

Valvular Heart Disease: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease

3rd Edition Expert Consult - Online and Print

By Catherine M. Otto, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director, Cardiology Fellowship Programs, University of Washington, Seattle, WA and Robert O. Bonow, MD, Goldberg Distinguished Professor of Cardiology, Northwestern University Feinberg Shool of Medicine; Chief, Division of Cardiology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Chapter 1. The Burden of Valvular Heart Disease, George A. Mensah

Chapter 2. Clinical Pathology of Valvular Heart Disease, William Clifford Roberts and Jong Mi Ko

Chapter 3. Cellular, Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Valvular Heart Disease, Nalini Marie Rajamannan

Chapter 4. Left Ventricular Adaptation to Pressure and/or Volume Overload, Blase A. Carabello

Chapter 5. Evaluation of Valvular Heart Disease by Echocardiography, Catherine M. Otto

Chapter 6. Evaluation of Valvular Heart Disease by Cardiac Catheterization and Angiocardiography, David M. Shavelle

Chapter 7. Evaluation of Valvular Heart Disease by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography, Mario J. Garcia

Chapter 8. Basic Principles of Medical Therapy in the Patient with Valvular Heart Disease, Catherine M. Otto

Chapter 9. Aortic Stenosis, Raphael Rosenhek and Helmut Baumgartner

Chapter 10. Aortic Regurgitation, Pilar Tornos and Robert O. Bonow

Chapter 11. The Bicuspid Aortic Valve, Alan C. Braverman and Michael A. Beardslee

Chapter 12. Surgical Approach to Aortic Valve Disease, Paul Stelzer and David H. Adams

Chapter 13. Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation, Brad Munt

Chapter 14. Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease, Bernard Iung and Alec Vahanian

Chapter 15. Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease, Brian Griffin

Chapter 16. Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation, Robert A. Levine, MD, Ronen Beeri, MD, Yutaka Otsuji, MD, and Ehud Schwammenthal, MD

Chapter 17. Mitral Regurgitation: Timing of Surgery,Rick A. Nishimura and Hartzell V. Schaff

Chapter 18. Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement, Including Associated Atrial Fibrillation and Tricuspid Regurgitation, Patrick M. McCarthy and S. Chris Malaisrie

Chapter 19. Percutaneous Transcatheter Intervention for Mitral Regurgitation, Peter C. Block

Chapter 20. Intraoperative Echocardiography for Mitral Valve Disease, Pravin M. Shah

Chapter 21. Right-Sided Valve Disease, Charles J. Bruce and Heidi M. Connolly

Chapter 22. Infective Endocarditis, Thomas M. Bashore

Chapter 23. Prosthetic Heart Valves, Patrick T. O?Gara

Chapter 24. Valve Disease in Children, L. LuAnn Minich, Lloyd Y. Tani, Richard V. Williams, and Michael D. Puchalski

Chapter 25. Valvular Heart Disease in Pregnancy, Karen Stout