Saunders Medical Office Management, 3rd Edition

Saunders Medical Office Management

3rd Edition

By Alice Anne Andress, CCS-P, CCP, Director of Physician Services, Parente Randolph, LLC, Harrisburg, PA

1. The Health Care Professional

2. Personnel Management

3. The Front Office

4. Written Communication NEW

5. Medical Record

6. Billing, Coding, and Collections

7. Fraud, Abuse, and Compliance

8. Documentation and Risk Assessment

9. Ethical and Legal Issues

10. Health Care Technology

11. Safety and Health

12. Responsibilities of the Manager

13. Outpatient Services, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Hospitals

14. The Financial Side

15. Medical Marketing


A. Sample Employee Pension Plan Booklet

B. Medicare Carriers and Medicare Fraud Units by Region

C. Internet Website Addresses for Health Care Professionals

D. Abbreviations and Symbols Used in the Medical Office

E. Patient Information Handbook for Central City Gastroenterology Associates

F. Central City Medical Associates Office Procedure and Policy Manual

G. Answers to Teasers, Testers, and Thinkers

H. Sample Encounter Form

I. Audit Summary Report