Study Guide for Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant, An Applied Learning Approach, 7th Edition

Study Guide for Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant

7th Edition An Applied Learning Approach

By Alexandra Patricia Young, BBA, RMA, CMA (AAMA), MA, Adjunct Instructor, Everest College, Arlington Midcities Campus, Arlington, TX; Professional Writer, Grand Prairie, TX; Formerly, Director of Admissions, Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, TX; Formerly, Program Director, Medical Assisting/HIM Programs, Ultrasound Diagnostic School, Irving, TX

1. Becoming a Successful Student
2. The Healthcare Industry
Unit One: Introduction to Medical Assisting
3. The Medical Assisting Profession
4. Professional Behavior in the Workplace
5. Interpersonal Skills and Human Behavior
6. Medicine and Ethics
7. Medicine and Law
Unit Two: Administrative Medical Assisting
8. Computer Concepts
9. Telephone Techniques
10. Scheduling Appointments
11. Patient Reception and Processing
12. Office Environment and Daily Operations
13. Written Communications and Document Processing
Unit Three: Health Information in the Medical Office
14. The Paper Medical Record
15. The Electronic Medical Record
16. Health Information Management
17. Privacy in the Physician's Office
Unit Four: Billing and Coding Procedures
18. Basics of Diagnostic Coding
19. Basics of Procedure Coding
20. Basics of Health Insurance
21. The Health Insurance Claim Form
22. Professional Fees, Billing, and Collecting
Unit Five: Financial and Practice Management
23. Banking Services and Procedures
24. Management of Practice Finances
25. Medical Practice Management and Human Resources
26. Medical Practice Marketing and Customer Service
Unit Six: Assisting with Medical Specialties
27. Emergency Preparedness and Assisting with Medical Emergencies
Unit Seven: Career Development
28. Career Development and Life Skills
Procedure Checklist
English-Spanish Terms