Physician Assistant: A Guide to Clinical Practice, Expert Consult - Online and Print, 4th Edition

Physician Assistant: A Guide to Clinical Practice

4th Edition Expert Consult - Online and Print

By Ruth Ballweg, MPA, PA-C, Director, MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA; Edward M. Sullivan, MS, PA-C, Physician Assistant, J. Kirkland Grant Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice, Mesquite, TX; Darwin Brown; and Daniel Vetrosky

Section I Overview

Chapter 1: History of the Profession and Current Trends, Ruth Ballweg

Chapter 2: International Development of Physician Assistants, Roderick S. Hooker

Chapter 3: Education, Dawn Morton-Rias and Jim Hammond

Chapter 4: Credentialing: Accreditation, Certification, Licensing, and Privileging, Constance Goldgar, Dan Crouse, and Donald M. Pedersen

Chapter 5: Financing and Reimbursement Systems, Michael Powe

Chapter 6: The Political Process, Nicole Gara and Ann Davis

Section II Medical Knowledge

Chapter 7: Safety in Clinical Settings, Darwin Brown

Chapter 8: Utilizing Diagnostic Studies, David R. Buck and Geraldine A. Buck

Chapter 9: Clinical Procedures, Edward M. Sullivan

Chapter 10: Genetics in Primary Care, Constance Goldgar, Michael Rackover, and Chantelle Wolpert

Chapter 11: Chronic Care Perspectives, Virginia Hass and Mindy Milton

Chapter 12: Pharmacology: The Use of Medications, Henry Stoll

Chapter 13: Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Emily WhiteHorse

Section III Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Chapter 14: Patient Record, Richard R. Rahr

Chapter 15: Interviewing and Communication Skills, Paul Lombardo and Sherrey Stolberg

Section IV Patient Care

Chapter 16: Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Patient Education, Walter A. Eisenhauer and Anna Mae Smith

Chapter 17: Family Practice, Lynda White and Nelson Herlihy

Chapter 18: Internal Medicine, Timothy C. Evans

Chapter 19: Physician Assistants in Hospital Medicine, H. William MaHaffy

Chapter 20: Emergency Medicine, David J. Pillow, Jr. and Edward M. Sullivan

Chapter 21: Pediatrics, Linda M. Dale

Chapter 22: Obstetrics and Gynecology, J. Kirkland Grant and Edward M. Sullivan

Chapter 23: Surgery, Timothy J. King and Edward M. Sullivan

Chapter 24: Orthopedics, Patrick C. Auth

Chapter 25: Dermatology, P. Eugene Jones and Kristine J. Kucera

Chapter 26: Oncology, Debra S. Munsell

Chapter 27: Infectious Disease, Durward A. Watson

Chapter 28: Geriatric Medicine, Veyjeyanthi S. Periyakoil, Steven Johnson, and Gwen Yeo

Chapter 29: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Maryann Ramos

Chapter 30: Behavioral Science and Medicine: Essentials in Practice, F. J. Gino Gianola, Ky Haverkamp, and H. James Lurie

Chapter 31: Patients with Disabilities, Lisa Southwick and Mary Vacala

Chapter 32: End of Life Issues, Barbara Coombs Lee and Bryanne L. Jones

Chapter 33: Public Health Emergencies, Martha Petersen and Linda Allison

Section V Professionalism

Chapter 34: Professionalism, William C. Kohlhepp, Tony Brenneman, and Paul Robinson

Chapter 35: Clinical Ethics, F. J. Gianola and Keren H. Wick

Chapter 36: Medical Malpractice and Risk Management, R. Monty Cary and James L. Cary

Chapter 37: Employment: Building Your Career, Wallace D. Boeve and Donald M. Pedersen

Chapter 38: Postgraduate Residency Programs, David P. Asprey

Chapter 39: Dealing with Stress and Burnout, Ruth Ballweg

Section VI Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

Chapter 40: Evidence-Based Medicine, Anita Duhl Glicken

Chapter 41: Research and the Physician Assistant, J. Dennis Blessing

Chapter 42: Utilizing Consultants and Community Resources, Albert Simon and Ernest L. Stump

Chapter 43: Health Disparities, Diane Dixon Abercrombie

Section VII Systems-Based Practice

Chapter 44: The Uninsured: Challenges and Solutions, Ruth Ballweg and Keren H. Wick

Chapter 45: Inpatient Systems, Kenneth R. Harbert

Chapter 46: Ambulatory Systems, Roderick S. Hooker

Chapter 47: Rehabilitative and Long-Term Care Systems, Kathy A. Kemle

Chapter 48: Health Care for the Homeless, Dawn Morton-Rias

Chapter 49: Correctional Medicine, R. Scott Chavez

Chapter 50: Military Medicine, John L. Chitwood

Chapter 51: Inner City Health Care, F. J. Gino Gianola, Howard Straker, and Tom Byers

Chapter 52: Rural Health Care, Steve Meltzer

Chapter 53: International Health Care, David H. Kuhns

Appendix: Physician Assistant Competencies