Spanish and the Medical Interview, A Textbook for Clinically Relevant Medical Spanish

Spanish and the Medical Interview

A Textbook for Clinically Relevant Medical Spanish

By Pilar Ortega, MD, Resident Physician, Emergency Medicine, University of California at San Diego

User?s Guide

Chapter 1 Basics of Conversational Spanish

1.1 Pronunciation
1.2 Syntax and Grammar
1.3 Verb Conjugation
1.4 Addressing the Patient: Tú versus Usted

Chapter 2 Setting the Stage for the Clinical Encounter

2.1 General Greeting
2.2 Addressing the Patient
2.3 Physician?s Introduction
2.4 Extended Introduction: Getting to Know the Patient
2.5 Setting the Agenda

Chapter 3 History of the Present Illness

3.1 Basic Anatomy
3.2 Chief Complaint
3.3 History of the Present Illness

Chapter 4 Past Medical History and Review of Systems

4.1 Past Medical History
4.2 Past Surgical History
4.3 Review of Systems

Chapter 5 Medications and Drug Effects

5.1 Medication History
5.2 Allergy History
5.3 Medication Instructions
5.4 Drug Side Effects

Chapter 6 Family History

6.1 Naming Family Members
6.2 Talking About Family Life
6.3 Family History

Chapter 7 Social and Sexual History

7.1 Assuring the Patient of Confidentiality
7.2 Social History
7.3 Substance Use History
7.4 Sexual History
7.5 Reproductive Review of Systems

Chapter 8 Mental Health

8.1 General Mental Health and Spirituality
8.2 Mental Status Assessment
8.3 Psychiatric History

Chapter 9 Preventive Health and Nutrition

9.1 Preventive Health Status
9.2 Diet History
9.3 Special Diets and Recommendations

Chapter 10 Physical Exam and Ancillary Services

10.1 Physical Examination
10.2 Physical Findings
10.3 Physician?s Impression
10.4 Ancillary Services
10.5 Concluding the Visit

Chapter 11 Knowing Your Limitations: Working With a Medical Interpreter

11.1 When to Use a Medical Interpreter
11.2 Types of Medical Interpretation
11.3 Working Effectively With a Medical