Neonatal Dermatology, 2nd Edition

Neonatal Dermatology

2nd Edition

By Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine(Dermatology), University of California San Diego; Chief Division of Pediatrics & Adolescent Dermatology Children's Hospital and Health Center, San Diego, CA, USA; Ilona J. Frieden, MD, Clinical Professor, Dermatology Clinics, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA; and Nancy B. Esterly, MD, Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Medical Director, Pediatric Dermatology, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Chapter 1 Fetal Skin Development, Cynthia A Loomis MD PhD, David H. Chu MD PhD and Tamara Koss MD

Chapter 2 Structure and function of newborn skin, Anthony J Mancini MD and Leslie Lawley MD

Chapter 3 Lesional Morphology and Assessment, Paul J Honig MD, Albert C Yan MD and Ho Jin Kim MD

Chapter 4 Skin of the premature infant, Amy E Gilliam MD and Mary L K Williams MD

Chapter 5 Neonatal skin care and toxicology, Alana F Bree, MD and Elaine C Siegfried MD

Chapter 6 Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, Bari B Cunningham MD and Annette M Wagner MD

Chapter 7 Transient benign cutaneous lesions in the newborn, Anne W Lucky MD

Chapter 8 Iatrogenic and traumatic injuries, Nancy B Esterly MD and Sheila S Galbraith MD

Chapter 9 Developmental abnormalities, Beth A Drolet MD and Liborka Kos MD

Chapter 10 Vesicles, pustules, bullae, erosions and ulcerations, Ilona J Frieden MD and Renee J Howard MD

Chapter 11 Epidermolysis Bullosa, Anna L. Bruckner, MD

Chapter 12 Bacterial infections, James G Dinulos MD and Nicole C Pace MD

Chapter 13 Viral infections, John S Bradley MD and Sheila F Friedlander MD

Chapter 14 Fungal infections, infestations and parasitic infections in neonates, Robin K Carder MD

Chapter 15 Eczematous Disorders, Laurie A Bernard, MD and Lawrence F Eichenfield MD

Chapter 16 Diaper Area Eruptions, Bernice R Krafchik MBChB FRCPC and A L Krol MD FRCPC

Chapter 17 Erythrodermas; the red scaly baby, Moise L Levy MD and Brandie J Metz MD

Chapter 18 Disorders of cornification (Ichthyosis), Alan D Irvine MD MRCP and Amy S Paller MD

Chapter 19 Inflammatory and purpuric eruptions, Eulalia Baselga MD and Antonio Torrelo MD

Chapter 20 Vascular stains, malformations and tumors, Odile Enjolras MD and Maria C Garzon MD

Chapter 21 Hypopigmentation disorders, Yuin-Chew Chan MD and Yong-Kwang Tay MD

Chapter 22 Hyperpigmentations disorder, Neil F Gibbs MD and Hanspaul Makkar MD

Chapter 23 Lumps, bumps and Hamartomas, Julie S Prendiville MD

Chapter 24 Disorders of subcutaneous tissue, Bernard A Cohen MD

Chapter 25 Neoplastic and infiltrative disease, Richard J Antaya MD and Neil S Prose MD

Chapter 26 Selected hereditary diseases, Dean S Morrell MD, Craig N. Burkhart MD, and Dawn Siegel MD

Chapter 27 Neonatal mucous membrane disorders, Adelaide A Hebert MD and Denise W Metry MD

Chapter 28 Hair disorders, Maureen Rogers MBBS FACD and Li-Chuen Wong MBBS FACD

Chapter 29 Nail defects, Robert A Silverman MD