Capsule Endoscopy, Text with DVD

Capsule Endoscopy

Text with DVD

By Douglas O. Faigel, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, USA; and David R. Cave, MD, PHD, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton, MA, USA

Section 1
Chapter 1 History and future

Chapter 2 How does the capsule work

Chapter 3 How to set up the suite and perform capsule endoscopy

Chapter 4 Reading, reporting and training

Chapter 5 The role of Surgery in Capsule Endscopy

Chapter 6 Systematization of Terminology for Capsule Endoscopy

Section 2: Small Bowel

Chapter 7 Normal small bowel and normal variants of the small bowel

Section 3: Clinical Problems

Chapter 8 Approach to the patient with GI bleeding

Chapter 9 Approach to the patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Chapter 10 Approach to the patient with Abdominal Pain

Chapter 11 Approach to the patient with Obstruction

Chapter 12 Approach to the Pediatric Patient

Section 4: Diseases of the Small Bowel

Chapter 13 Use of Capsule Endoscopy for the Evaluation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Chapter 14 NSAIDs, Radiation, Foriegn Bodies

Chapter 15 Vascular Abnormalities of the Small Bowel

Chapter 16 Benign and malignant tumors of the Small Bowel

Chapter 17 Malabsorption

Chapter 18 Small Bowel Transplantation and Graft vs Host

Section 5: Non-small bowel indications

Chapter 19 Capsule endoscopy in the stomach and colon

Chapter 20 Esophagus