Physical Agents in Rehabilitation, From Research to Practice, 3rd Edition

Physical Agents in Rehabilitation

3rd Edition From Research to Practice

By Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT, OCS, Oregon Health & Science University, Department of Neurology, Portland, OR

1. Introduction to Physical Agents

Part 1: Pathology and Patient Problems

2. Inflammation and Tissue Repair

3. Pain

4. Tone Abnormalities

5. Motion Restrictions

Part 2: The Physical Agents

6. Thermal Agents: Cold and Heat

7. Ultrasound

8. Electrical Currents

9. Hydrotherapy

10. Traction

11. Compression

12. Lasers

13. Ultraviolet Radiation

14. Diathermy


Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Laser Light Handbook

1: Introduction

2: Ultrasound

3: Electrical Stimulation

4: Laser Light