Certification Review for PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 2nd Edition

Certification Review for PeriAnesthesia Nursing

2 th Edition

By American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses; Barbara Putrycus, RN, MSN, CCRN, Surgical Services, QA/Regulatory Compliance/Infection Control, Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center, Dearborn, MI; and Jacqueline Ross, RN, MSN, CPAN, Perianesthesia Nursing Consultant, Patient Safety Analyst, OHIC Insurance/The Doctors Company, Columbus, OH

1. Certification of Perianesthesia Nurses: The CPANŽ and CAPAŽ Certification Programs

2. Professional Issues Applied to Perianesthesia Nursing Practice

3. Perianesthesia Considerations Across the Life Span

4. Pharmacologic Considerations

5. The Spectrum of Perianesthesia Clinical Practice

6. Cardiac, Vascular, and Pulmonary Systems

7. Physiologic Balance

8. Neurologic, Neurovascular, and Musculoskeletal Systems

9. Intraabdominal and Retroperitoneal Observations

10. Maxillofacial, Nasopharyngeal, Ophthalmic, Otologic, and Reconstructive Concepts