Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series: Glaucoma Surgery, Text with DVD

Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series: Glaucoma Surgery

Text with DVD

By Teresa C. Chen, MD, FACS, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School; Chief Quality Officer for Ophthalmology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Glaucoma Service, Boston, MA

1. Trabeculectomy - Leslie S. Jones, Rajesh K. Shetty and George L. Spaeth

2. Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery - Robert L. Stamper and Hester H. Lee

3. Bleb revision - James W. Hung and A. Robert Bellows

4. Ahmed valve surgery - Abdul Mateen Ahmed

5. The Krupin eye valve with disk - Lili Farrokh-Siar and Theodore Krupin

6. Non-valved single plate tube shunt procedures; Baerveldt and Molteno implants - Herbert P. Fechter, Paul P. Lee and Molly M. Walsh

7. Double-plate Molteno implants - Anthony C.B. Molteno & Tui H. Bevin

8. The ?taco? tube shunt - Stanley S. Schocket

9. Goniotomy - Teresa C. Chen and David S. Walton

10. Trabeculotomy - Allen D. Beck

11. Goniosynechialysis - Teresa C. Chen, Prin RojanaPongpun and David S. Walton

12. Surgical peripheral iridectomy - Edgar U. Leuenberger

13. Anterior chamber washout - Madhu S.R. Gorla and Steven V.L. Brown

14. Posterior sclerectomy for choroidal effusion drainage or prophylaxis - Pooja Khator and Richard K. Parrish II

15. Argon and Nd: YAG peripheral iridotomy - Tania S. Marcic and Alan L. Robin

16. Argon laser trabeculoplasty - Jacob T. Wilensky

17. Selective laser trabeculoplasty - John Mark de Leon and Mark A. Latina

18. Argon laser peripheral iridoplasty - Robert Ritch, Clement C.Y. Tham and Dennis S.C. Lam

19. Transscleral diode cyclophotocoagulation -
M. Bruce Shields

20. Endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation - Shan C. Lin