Clinical Men's Health, Evidence in Practice

Clinical Men's Health

Evidence in Practice

By Joel J. Heidelbaugh, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School; Medical Director, Ypsilanti Health Center, Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Chapter 1. Organizing Preventive Healthcare in Men

Chapter 2. Diagnostic Bias in Men?s Healthcare

Chapter 3. Global Disparities in Men?s Health

Chapter 4. Men and the Problem of Help Seeking

The Developing Male

Chapter 5. The Newborn/Infant Male

Chapter 6. The School-Aged Male Child

Chapter 7. The Adolescent Male

The Adult Male

Chapter 8. Cardiology

Chapter 9. Endocrinology

Chapter 10. Gastroenterology

Chapter 11. Infectious Diseases

Chapter 12. Nephrology

Chapter 13. Neurology

Chapter 14. Oral Health

Chapter 15. Sexual Health

Chapter 16. Urology

Special Concerns of the Adolescent and Adult Male

Chapter 17. Lifestyle Risks

Chapter 18. Suicide

Chapter 19. Nutrition

Chapter 20. Stress and the Modern Male

Chapter 21. Exercise and Fitness

Chapter 22. Integrative Medicine

Chapter 23. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Chapter 24. Cancer Incidence, Screening and Prevention

Chapter 25. The Aging Male/End of Life Issues

Special Populations of the Adolescent and Adult Male

Chapter 26. The Collegiate/Professional Male Athlete

Chapter 27. The Executive Male Physical

Chapter 28. The Incarcerated Male

Chapter 29. The Homosexual Male

Chapter 30. The Transsexual Male