Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Drug Calculations and Drug Administration, 2nd Edition

Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Drug Calculations and Drug Administration

2nd Edition

By Cynthia C. Chernecky, PhD, RN, CNS, AOCN, Associate Professor, Department of Adult Health, Medical College of Georgia School of Nursing, Augusta, GA; Mother Helena Infortuna, MTS, BS, Saints Mary and Martha House, Wagener, SC; and Denise Macklin, RNC, BSN, CRNI, President, Professional Learning Systems, Inc., Marietta, GA

Part I Calculations

1. Mathematics Review

2. Systems of Measurement

3. Temperature Conversion

Part II Drug Administration

4. General Principles of Medication Administration

5. Measurement and Administration of Oral Medications

6. Intramuscular Drugs

7. Preparation and Administration of Powders

8. Administration of Subcutaneous and Intradermal Drugs

9. Measurement and Administration of Topical Medications

10. Eye, Ear, and Nose Medications

11. Administration of Rectal and Vaginal Medications

Part III Intravenous Administration

12. Intravenous Therapy

13. Intravenous Additives

Part IV Special Topics

14. Special Medications and Routes

15. Medications for Infants and Children

16. Advanced Care

17. Technology Associated with Drug Administration