Liver Biopsy Interpretation, 7th Edition

Liver Biopsy Interpretation

7th Edition

By Peter J. Scheuer, MD(Lond), DSc(Med), FRCPath, Professsor Emeritus, Royal Free and University College Medical School of University College, London, UK; and Jay H. Lefkowitch, MD, Professor of Clinical Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY

1. General Considerations

2. Laboratory Techniques

3. Diagnostic Cytology

4. The Normal Liver

5. Examination of the Abnormal Biopsy

6. Biliary Disease

7. Acute Viral Hepatitis

8. Fatty Liver and Lesions in the Alcoholic

9. Drugs and Toxins

10. Chronic Hepatitis

11. Cirrhosis

12. Neoplasms and Nodules

13. Vascular Disorders

14. Childhood Liver Disease and Metabolic Disorders

15. Disturbances of Copper and Iron Metabolism

16. The Liver in Systematic Disease and Pregnancy

17. The Liver in Organ Transplantation

18. Electron Microscopy and Other Techniques