Study Guide for Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist, 2nd Edition

Study Guide for Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist

2nd Edition

By Katherine Snyder, CST, BS; and Chris Keegan, CST, MS, Dept., Chair and Instructor, Sugical Technology Department, Vincennes University, Evansville, IN

Unit 1 Introduction to Pharmacology

1. Basic Pharmacology

2. Medication Development, Regulation & Resources

3. Basic Mathematics

4. Medication Administration

Unit 2 Applied Surgical Pharmacology

5. Antibiotics

6. Diagnostic Agents

7. Diuretics

8. Hormones

9. Drugs that Affect Coagulation

10. Ophthalmic Agents

11. Fluids and Irrigations

12. Antineoplastic Agents

Unit 3 Anesthesia

13. Preoperative Medications

14. Patient Monitoring, Local & Regional Anesthesia

15. General Anesthesia

16. Emergency Situations