Saunders Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants, Disk Seven: Administering Medications

Saunders Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants

Disk Seven: Administering Medications

By Saunders

10 skills/13 videos ? Approx. running time: 65 minutes

Section 1: Preparing to Work with Patients
7.1.1 Preparing to Work with Patients
Variation: Working with a Young Child

Section 2: Oral and Topical Medications
7.2.1 Administering Oral or Topical Medication
Procedure: Tablets or Capsules
Variation: Oral Liquid Medications
Variation: Topical Ointment

Section 3: Parenteral Medications
7.3.1 Preparing an Injection from a Vial
Procedure: Multi-Dose Vial
Variation: Single-Dose Vial
7.3.2 Preparing an Injection from an Ampule
7.3.3 Reconstituting a Parenteral Drug
7.3.4 Choosing Site for an Intramuscular Injection
Procedure: Deltoid
Variation: Dorsogluteal
Variation: Ventrogluteal
Variation: Vastus Lateralis
7.3.5 Administering an Intramuscular Injection
7.3.6 Administering a Subcutaneous Injection
7.3.7 Administering an Intradermal Injection
7.3.8 Tuberculosis Testing
Procedure: Mantoux Test
Variation: Tine Test