Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations, 2nd Edition

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations

2nd Edition

By Tonia Dandry Aiken, RN, BSN, JD, Attorney at Law, New Orleans, LA

Unit I: Legal Issues

1. The Law

2. International and Quasi-International Torts

3. Professional Liability Insurance

4. Informed Consent Issues

5. Documentation and the Allied Health Professional

Unit II: Ethical Issues

6. Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Educators

7. Ethical Issues in Health Occupations

Unit III: Common Areas of Liability and Litigation

8. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Medical Imaging

9. Administrative and Medical Record Liability and Litigation

10. Clinical Laboratory Liability

11. Medical Equipment Liability and Litigation

12. Patient Care Liability and Litigation

13. Conflict Management and the Healthcare Provider