Guide to Arthrocentesis and Soft Tissue Injection

Guide to Arthrocentesis and Soft Tissue Injection

By Bruce Carl Anderson, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR; Director, Medical Orthopedic Department, Sunnyside Medical Center, Portland, OR


Section I The 52 Most Common Outpatient Orthopedic Conditions

Chapter 1 Neck

Chapter 2 Shoulder

Chapter 3 Elbow

Chapter 4 Wrist

Chapter 5 Hand

Chapter 6 Chest

Chapter 7 Back

Chapter 8 Hip

Chapter 9 Knee

Chapter 10 Ankle

Chapter 11 Lower Leg

Chapter 12 Foot


1. Physical Therapy Exercises

2. Radiology and Procedures

3. Supports, Braces, and Casts

4. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

5. Injectable corticosteroids

6. Calcium supplements

7. Rheumatology and lab tests

8. Synovial fluid analysis