Plunkett's Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant, 4th Edition

Plunkett's Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant

4th Edition

By Elsbeth McCall, Instructor, Medical Office Administration Program, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

  1. Your Future as a Medical Administrative Assistant

  2. Reception, Booking Appointments and Clinical Responsibilities

  3. Patient Records Management

  4. The Telephone

  5. Office Correspondence: Mail, Memos, Letters, and Envelopes

  6. Health Insurance Plans

  7. Financial Records

  8. Managing Office Supplies

  9. Procedures Manual

  10. Meeting Organization

  11. Hospital Records, Requisitions, and Reports

  12. Hippocrates and Health Associations

  13. Doctors and the Law

  14. Your Job Search