Mosby's Family Practice Sourcebook, An Evidence-Based Approach to Care, 4th Edition

Mosby's Family Practice Sourcebook

4th Edition An Evidence-Based Approach to Care

By Michael Evans, MD, CCFP, Director, The Health Knowledge Lab, Centre for Effective Practice and Assocaite Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto and James Meuser, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Center for Effective Practice, University of Toronto

  1. Common Problems in Family Medicine

  2. Community Health: Prevention

  3. Community Health: Travel Health

  4. Immunizations

  5. Cardiovascular System

  6. Central Nervous System

  7. Dentistry

  8. Dermatology

  9. Gastroenterology

  10. Geriatrics

  11. Hematology

  12. Immunology

  13. Infectious Disease

  14. Mental Health and Addictions: Addictions

  15. Mental Health and Addictions: Mental Health

  16. Metabolic/Endocrine

  17. Nephrology

  18. Ophthalmology

  19. Otolaryngology

  20. Pediatrics

  21. Respirology

  22. Rheumatology

  23. Sports Medicine, Exercise, and Injuries

  24. Urology

  25. Women's Health: Breast Diseases

  26. Women's Health: Gynecology

  27. Women's Health: Obstetrics