The Professional Qualifying Examinations, A Survival Guide for Optometrists

The Professional Qualifying Examinations

A Survival Guide for Optometrists

By Frank Eperjesi, BSc(Hons), PhD, MCOptom, Dip Orth, FAAO, MHEA, PGCertHE, Director of Optometry Programme, Department of Optometry and Vision Science, Aston University, Birmingham, UK; Martin Hodgson, BSc(Hons), MCOptom and Michelle M. Rundstrom, BSc(Hons), MCOptom, DBO, Visiting Clinical Demonstrator, Primary Care Optometrist, Orthoptist, Department of Optometry and Vision Science, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

Introduction - How to use this book
PART 1-A guide to the pre-registration year
Chapter 1 - Applying for a pre-registration position - Martin Hodgson
Chapter 2 - Pre-registration year diary and preparing your CV - Martin Hodgson
Chapter 3 - College of Optometrists and the examiners - Martin Hodgson
Chapter 4 - Making the most of the pre-registration year and refresher courses - Frank Eperjesi
Chapter 5 - The exams, venues, accommodation and examination techniques and communication - Frank Eperjesi, Martin Hodgson and Bill Harvey
Chapter 6 - Re-takes - Frank Eperjesi
PART 2-A guide to the Professional Qualifying Examinations
Chapter 7 - Anomalies of binocular vision - Martin Hodgson and Michelle Rundstrom
Chapter 8 - Use of drugs in optometric practice - - Martin Hodgson
Chapter 9 - Investigative techniques - Ian Moss
Chapter 10 - Partial sight and its management - Frank Eperjesi
Chapter 11 - Occupational optometry - Simon Brooks
Chapter 12 - Dispensing - Janet Carlton, Frank Eperjesi and Alicia Thompson
Chapter 13 - Routine examination - John O'Donnell
Chapter 14 - Case records and law - Nu Nu Zaw
Chapter 15 - Ocular disease and abnormality - Simon Brooks
Chapter 16 - Contact lenses - Mary Ware
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