LASIK, A Handbook for Optometrists


A Handbook for Optometrists

By Michelle Hanratty, BScHons, MCOptom, Refractive Surgery Clinic Manager, Aston Academy of Life Science; Sessional Lecturer, Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Aston University; PQE Examiner, College of Optometrists; Pre-registration Advisor, College of Optometrists, UK

1 Guidelines, regulations and standards

2 Referral to a laser eye clinic

3 Pre-operative assessment - data collection

4 Pre-operative assessment - eye examination

5 Pre-operative assessment - patient counselling

6 Treatment - the patient journey

7 Postoperative assessment

8 Post-operative complications

9 Postoperative care

10 The future: Will LASEK supersede LASIK?