Maitland's Vertebral Manipulation, 7th Edition

Maitland's Vertebral Manipulation

7th Edition

By Geoff D. Maitland, MBE, AUA, FCSP, FACP, SASP, MapplSc, Consultative Manipulative Therapist, South Australia, Australia; Elly Hengeveld, MSc, BPT, OMT, SVOMP, Senior Teacher, International Maitland Teachers' Association, Oberentfelden, Switzerland; Kevin Banks, BA, MCSP, SRP, IMTA Member, Chartered Physiotherapist, Rotherham Primary Care NHS Trust, UK and Kay English, Dip Tech(Physiotherapy), Grad Dip Adv Manip Ther, MMPAA, MAPA, Private Practitioner, South Australia, Australia

The doctor's role in diagnosis and prescribing vertebral manipulation
Principles of techniques
Selection of techniques
Application of techniques
Cervical spine thoracic spine
Lumbar spine
Sacroiliac region
Sacroiliac joint
Symphysis pubis
Sacrococcygeal and intercoccygeal regions
Examples of treatment
Physiotherapy for animals.
Movement diagram theory and compiling a movement diagram
Clinical examples of movement diagrams
Examination refinements and movement diagrams
Clinical tips