Craniofacial Pain, Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment, Treatment and Management

Craniofacial Pain

Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment, Treatment and Management

By Harry J. M. von Piekartz, BSc, Ft, MAppSc, PT, MT, Physiotherapist, Ootmarsum, The Netherlands; Teacher, International Maitland Teacher Association, Neuro-orthopedic Institute

1. Craniocervical Dysfunction and Pain ? where are we today? Harry von Piekartz

2. Functional Anatomy of the Craniomandibular and Craniofacial Region: A Palpation Perspective, G.H.Bekkering

3. Guidelines for assessment of the craniomandibular and craniofacial region, Harry von Piekartz

4. Therapeutic communication during management of cranio-facial pain, Anke Handrock

5. Reciprocal connection between the craniocervical and the craniomandibular region ? a hypothetical model

6. Cervical Instability, Pieter Westerhuis

7. Treatment and Management of Cervical Instability, Pieter Westerhuis

8. Physical Examination of Dysfunctions in the Craniomandibular Region, Harry von Piekartz

9. Craniomandibular Region ? Clinical Patterns and Management, Harry von Piekartz

10. Craniomandibular dysgnathia: Orthodontic classification, assessment and management, Antonia Werres

11. Craniomandibular contribution to craniocervical dysfunction ? management with the aid of neuromuscular splints, Manfred Hülse, Brigitte Losert-Bruggner

12. Muscular Dysfunction And Pain In The Craniofacial And Craniomandibular Region: Recommendations For Examination And Treatment, Di Andriotti, Harry von Piekartz

13. Neuromusculoskeletal plasticity of the craniomandibular region ? basic principles and recommendations for optimal rehabilitation, Renata Horst

14. The neurocranium: Assessment and treatment techniques, Harry von Piekartz

15. The Viscerocranium: examination and treatment guidelines, Harry von Piekartz

16. The Cranial Nervous System: Assessment and Treatment Basics, Harry von Piekartz

17. Assessment and treatment of cranial nervous tissue, Harry von Piekartz

18. Treatment Guidelines for Neurodynamic Techniques and Palpation of the Cranial Nervous System, Harry von Piekartz

19. Headaches in children: the state of the art, Harry von Piekartz

20. Assessment, evaluation and management of juvenile headache patients, Harry von Piekartz

21. Postural changes in the craniofacial and craniocervical regions as a result of changed breathing patterns, Ronel Jordaan

22. Management of craniofacial and cervical postural changes in children with altered breathing patterns, Ronel Jordaan, Harry von Piekartz

23. Clinical presentations from daily practice - how would you deal with these cases? Harry von Piekartz

Appendix 1: Anamnestic -questionnaire (EWMM)

Appendix 2: Checklist for non-communicating children with pain

Appendix 3: Overview of a diary for children

Appendix 4: Findings Sheet