Maitland's Peripheral Manipulation, 4th Edition

Maitland's Peripheral Manipulation

4th Edition

By Elly Hengeveld, MSc, BPT, OMT, SVOMP, Senior Teacher, International Maitland Teachers' Association, Oberentfelden, Switzerland and Kevin Banks, BA, MCSP, SRP, IMTA Member, Chartered Physiotherapist, Rotherham Primary Care NHS Trust, UK

Preface to the first edition
Preface to the fourth edition
Companion Texts

1. The Maitland Concept - An Introduction
2. Mobilisation and Manipulation-Definitions, mechanisms of action and evidence-base
3. Communication and the Therapeutic Relationship
4. Contemporary Perspectives in Physiotherapy Practice
5. Principles of Assessment
6. Principles of Examination
7. Principles and Method of Mobilisation/Manipulation Techniques
8. Principles of Selection and Progression of Mobilisation /Manipulation techniques
9. Recording
10. Peripheral Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders
11. The Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle Complex
12. The Elbow Complex
13. The Wrist and Hand Complex
14. The Hip Region
15. The Knee Complex
16. The Ankle and Foot Complex
17. The Temperomandibular Joints,Larynx and Hyoid[The Craniomandibular Complex]

Appendix 1: Movement Diagram Theory and Compiling a Movement Diagram
Appendix 2: Self-management Strategies: Compliance and Behavioural Change