Optimizing Exercise and Physical Activity in Older People, 3rd Edition

Optimizing Exercise and Physical Activity in Older People

3rd Edition

Edited by Meg Morris, PhD, Master Applied Science, Grad Dip (Gerontology), BAppSc (Physiotherapy); and Adrian Schoo, PhysioD, Master Health Science, Grad Dip Manual Therapy, B. Acupuncture, Dip Education, Dip Management, Dip Physiotherapy

Section one -- introduction
1) The curse of inactivity, obesity, and other factors for older people.
2) Evidence for the effectiveness of physical activity & exercise interventions in the elderly.
1) Why physical activity and exercise need continuation.
2) Factors that contribute to inactivity
3) Physical activity and exercise in the health management of adults, the old, and the very old.
4) Lifestyle, nutrition and other factors that could assist physical activity, health and well-being.
5) Biomechanics and ergonomic considerations in the prevention of injury and the maintenance of healthy activity levels
6) Promoting physical activity & health in rural communities

Section two -- Different population groups
7) Maintaining physical activity and health in an ageing work force
8) Promoting and maintaining health & physical activity in older women
9) Promoting exercise and physical activity in older people with movement disorders
10) Prescribed physical activity and exercise in the management of osteoarthritis.
11) Maintaining physical activity and exercise after joint replacement
12) advice, guidelines and sample programs
13) Health promotion

a)First-aid procedures after musculoskeletal injuries.
b) What is overweight.
c) How to calculate ideal weight.
d) The ideal heart rate during exercise.
e) How to measure heart rate.
f) List of relevant adherence factors in the areas of physical activity and exercise.
g) References for health professionals.
h) educational material that can be understood by persons with lower levels of literacy and that can be copied by the health professional. These handouts can be used to assist in the management of specific chronic conditions or to facilitate exercise adherence.