Closing The Theory, Practice Gap

Closing The Theory

Practice Gap

By Gary Rolfe, PhD, MA, BSc, RMN, RGN, NT, PGCEA, Principal Lecturer, School of Health Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK

PART ONE - TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM FOR NURSING. NURSING PRAXIS: INTEGRATING THEORY AND PRACTICE: The changing face of nursing practice; Science, nursing and the technical rationality model; The problems of induction, verification and deduction; Towards a theory of practice; Hypothetico-abductivism; Nursing praxis; Nursing praxis and the nurse-practitioner; References; RESEARCH FOR NURSING PRAXIS: Nursing research and the social science paradigm; Nursing research and the problem of deduction; Towards a new model of nursing research; A hierarchy of nursing research; Level 1 and 2 research; Level 3 research; Level 4 research; A model of research for the nurse-practitioner; A vision for the future; References; EDUCATING THE NURSE-PRACTITIONER: Technocratic education and the nurse-technician; Post-technocratic education and the nurse-practitioner; Philosophy and methods of teaching and learning for a post-technocratic model of nurse education; Curriculum framework for a
post-technocratic model of nurse education; Post-registration education for the nurse-practitioner; References; TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM FOR NURSING; Nursing in crisis; Nursing in revolution; Towards a new paradigm; References; PART TWO - NEW PARADIGM NURSING IN ACTION. DEVELOPING NEW ROLES IN PRACTICE AND EDUCATION: Introduction; The expert nurse: clinical specialist or advanced practitioner?; The role of hypothesising and intuition in advanced practice; A new role for the nurse educator; Developing and evaluating the role of a nurse practitioner; SOME POST-TECHNOCRATIC EDUCATION PROJECTS: Introduction; A process-driven common foundation programme for graduates; The portfolio workbook as a strategy for student-centred learning; Listening to students: course evaluation as action research; The Ward X experiment: a patient-centred clinical placement. (Contributors: Sue Cradock, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes Nursing, Portsmouth Hospitals Trust; Melanie Jasper, Senior Lecturer in Nursing Theory and Research, School of Health Studies, University of Portsmouth; Moyra Skinner, Senior Nurse in Mental Health and Family Therapy, Portsmouth Health Care Trust).