Law for Nurses and Midwives, 7th Edition

Law for Nurses and Midwives

7th Edition

By Patricia Staunton, RN, CM, LLB, MCrim; Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple, London, Judicial Member and Deputy President of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia and Mary Chiarella, RN, RM, LLB (Hons), PhD (UNSW), Professor, Clinical Practice Development and Policy Research, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW, Australia

1 REVISED & UPDATED Introduction to the Law

2 REVISED & UPDATED The relationship between law and ethics

3 REVISED & UPDATED Professional Negligence and vicarious liability

4 REVISED & UPDATED Consent to treatment

5 REVISED & UPDATED The contract of employment, including occupational health and safety and workers compensation

6 REVISED & UPDATED The administration of drugs

7 REVISED & UPDATED Report writing: confidentiality of and access to patient records

8 COMPLETE REWRITE Professional regulation of nurses and midwives  (includes a specific section on Maternity services law)

9 REVISED & UPDATEDCoronial jurisdiction

10 REVISED & UPDATEDHuman tissue transplantation

11 REVISED & UPDATEDMental Health