Introduction to Dental Materials, 3rd Edition

Introduction to Dental Materials

3rd Edition

By Richard Van Noort, Professor of Dental Materials Science, Department of Restorative Dentistry, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Section I Basic science for dental materials. Biomaterials, biocompatibility and biomechanics. A historical perspective. Atomic building blocks. Structure of ceramics. Structure of metal and alloys. Structure of polymers. Mechanical properties. Physical proerties. Chemical properties. Principles of adhesion.
Section II Clinical dental materials. Dental amalgams. Resin composites and polyacid-modified resin composites. Glass-ionomer cements and resin-modified glass-ionomer cements. Intermdiate restorative materials. Enamel and dentine bonding. Endodontic materials. Impression materials.
Section III Laboratory and related dental materials. Gypsum products. Denture base resins. Casting alloys for metallic restorations. Dental ceramics. Metal-bonded ceramics. Luting agents. Stainless steel.