Massage Therapy, The Evidence for Practice

Massage Therapy

The Evidence for Practice

By Grant Jewell Rich, PhD, NCTMB, Massage Therapy Practitioner, Alaska

SECTION 1: METHODS AND MASSAGE. Introduction. Evidence-based massage therapy: a contradiction in terms? Methodological issues in the design and conduct of massage therapy research.
SECTION 2: MASSAGE RESEARCH ON VARIOUS CONDITIONS. Introduction. Massage therapy for immune disorders. The effect of massage therapy on self-reported anxiety, depressive mood and pain in ovarian cancer patients: a pilot study. An economic evaluation of massage therapy in controlling chemotherapy-induced emesis in women undergoing treatment for breast or ovarian cancer. Massage as a modality to improve health following spinal cord injury.
SECTION 3: MASSAGE ACROSS THE LIFE-SPAN. Introduction. Supplemental tactile and kinesthetic stimulation for preterm infants. Hand massage in the agitated elderly.
SECTION 4: MASSAGE AND THE WORKPLACE. Introduction. Employee outcomes following work-site acupressure and massage.