Childbirth and Obstetric Techniques, 2nd Edition

Childbirth and Obstetric Techniques

2nd Edition

By Farook Al-Azzawi, MBChB, MA (Cantab.), PhD, FRCOG, Senior Lecturer, & Honoray Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Leicester School of Medicine, UK

Preface to 2nd Edition * Acknowledgments * Preface to 1st Edition * Antenatal Care * The scope of antenatal care * Ultrasound scanning * Magnetic resonance imaging * Amniocentesis * Chorion villus sampling * Fetoscopy * Cordocentesis * Assessment of risks in the pregnant woman * Obstetric palpation * The Mechanism of Childbirth * The powers: the uterine muscle * The passages: the bony pelvis * the pelvic floor * The passenger: the baby * The pelvic phase of labor * Cardinal movements in labor * The Management of Labor * Management of the first stage of labor * Induction of labor * Amniotomy * Fetal scalp blood sampling * Management of the second stage of labor * Episiotomy * Management of the third stage of labor * Pain Relief in Labor * Nitrous oxide * Systemic analgesics * Epidural analgesia * Caudal analgesia * Complications * Spinal analgesia * New trends in epidural drugs and techniques * Normal Labor * Conduct of the second stage * Conduct of the third stage * Shoulder dystocia * Resuscitation of the Newborn * Common Problems Immediately After Delivery * Episiotomy repair * Repair of medianepisiotomy * Repair of posterolateral episiotomy * Repair of mediolateral episiotomy * Vaginal tears * Repair of second-degree perineal tears * Manual removal of the placenta * Postpartum haemorrhage * Primary postpartum haemorrhage * Secondary postpartum haemorrhage * Amniotic fluid embolism * Uterine complications * Rupture of the uterus * Acute uterine inversion * Operative Vaginal Delivery * Decision making * Pudendal nerve block: transvaginal technique * Ventouse (vacuum) extraction * The obstetric forceps * Low-cavity forceps delivery * Kjelland's forceps delivery * Manual rotation of the head and forceps delivery * Breech Presentation * Types of breech presentation * Vaginal delivery of the breech baby * Management of the second stage of delivery * Delivery of Twins * Management of the second stage of labor * Internal podalic version * Caesarean Section * Lower segment caesarean section * Abdominal delivery of the small baby * Vertical lower segment caesarean section (De Lee's operation) * 'En caule' caesarean section for delivery of the very low birthweight baby * Further Reading * Index