Pocket Guide to Musculoskeletal Assessment, 2nd Edition

Pocket Guide to Musculoskeletal Assessment

2nd Edition

By Richard E. Baxter, PT, DSC, OCS, ATC, Physical Therapist, United States Army, Major

1. Cervical Spine
2. Shoulder
3. Elbow
4. Wrist and Hand
5. Thoracic Spine
6. Lumbar Spine
7. Hip
8. Knee
9. Foot and Ankle
10. Respiratory Evaluation
11. Inpatient Physical Therapy Cardiac Evaluation
12. Lower Extremity Amputee Evaluation
13. Neurologic Evaluation
14. Inpatient Orthopedic Evaluation
A. Dermatomes
B. Sclerotomes
C. Auscultation
D. Normal Range of Motion
E. Ligament Laxity Grading Scale
F. Capsular Pattern and Closed Back Positions for Selected Joints
G. Blister Care
H. Brachial Plexus Diagram
I. McGill Pain Questionnaire
J. Radiology
K. Physical Agent and Modalities
L. Types of Traction
M. Normal Values for Commonly Encountered Laboratory Results
N. Physical Therapy Preferred Practice Patterns
O. Abbreviations and Definitions