Medical Transcriptionist's Desk Reference

Medical Transcriptionist's Desk Reference

By Carolyn Collins Gates, CMT, Director of Medical Transcription, Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, SC

Chapter 1: Medical Transcription Formatting
Rules & Style
Sample Medical Reports & Letters

Chapter 2: Medical Terminology
Prefixes, Suffixes and Combining Forms
General Terms

Chapter 3: Physical Examination Terms

Chapter 4: Body Systems Word Lists

Chapter 5: Oncology
Cancer Classifications
Radiation Oncology Terms
Oncology Medications

Chapter 6: Laboratory Tests

Chapter 7: Microbiology

Chapter 8: Radiology Studies

Chapter 9: Drug List

Chapter 10: Confusing Words, Abbreviations & Eponyms
Commonly Misused Words
Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations
Medical Eponyms